Does your insurance company need a financial investment to help it reach the next level?

Whether your insurance company has been a fixture in your local economy or is a brand new start-up, PowerUp Lending Group can get you the financial assistance you need for new equipment, software, additional staff, or whatever your business needs to reach the next pinnacle of success.


  • PowerUp Lending Group can process your loan faster than any other loan provider.
  • PowerUp’s loans are customized to provide exactly what your accounting firm needs.


5 Myths About Insurance Company Small Business Loans

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Myth #1: If a traditional bank won’t approve my loan, no one will.

Myth #2: : If I don’t have perfect credit, I’m out of luck.

Myth #3:  Lenders won’t consider my loan amount because it’s too small.

Myth #4:  Small business lenders require that I repay the loan in big chunks, every month.

Myth #5:  Business loans take a year and a day to get approved. 

For details on these 5 myths and other valuable information on small business loans, download the free eBook Best Borrowing Practices for Businesses.