Is your Creative Agency looking for a financial partner to help accomplish your strategic success?

If so, PowerUp Lending Group can get you the financial assistance you need during slow collection periods, for new software or equipment, additional staff for freelance help or whatever your business needs to keep moving forward and reach the next level of success. 


  • PowerUp Lending Group can process your loan faster than any other loan provider.
  • PowerUp’s loans are customized to provide exactly what your creative agency needs.


5 Myths About Creative Agency Small Business Loans

PowerUp Ebook

Myth #1: If a traditional bank won’t approve my loan, no one will.

Myth #2: : If I don’t have perfect credit, I’m out of luck.

Myth #3:  Lenders won’t consider my loan amount because it’s too small.

Myth #4:  Small business lenders require that I repay the loan in big chunks, every month.

Myth #5:  Business loans take a year and a day to get approved. 

For details on these 5 myths and other valuable information on small business loans, download the free eBook Best Borrowing Practices for Businesses.